Widget 'N' GAMIFY_


One widget to analyze and gamify!

The main purpose of the widget is to give every website or blog owner the possibility to engage its users in an easy and non-invasive way by analyzing all actions taken via the site.

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Visible features

Each user sees three components: Profile Bar, Profile Box and Growl Notificator.

  • This component is responsible for rendering a simple user’s bar that presents information about current user situation – the amount of points gained, tasks done or unread notifications. It’s visible at all times in the right bottom corner of the browser.

  • This element presents the entire user profile with information about the user’s results such as the number of games won, achievements gained and tasks done. This component is hidden. It goes visible after the user clicks a specific button.

  • Last but not least – Growl Notificator is a component that shows all notifications in a visual ‘cloud’ form. The user is able to see every notification in the right top corner of the browser.


Widget functions

Information about all actions taken by a specific user are gathered in defined periods of time, sent as events to the cloud and stored in cookies. Everything is integrated with the visual widget components presented above.

Collected data

The widget collects information about the user such as: clicks on tags, scrolling moves, mouse moves, amount of signs provided, activity on site, OS language, OS and browser version, screen resolution and more.

Communication with API

Our plugin for WordPress provides IsaaCloud API with a communication channel.

Integration with WordPress

The plugin is used for integration with WordPress. More information about action methodology, installation and plugin configuration can be found here.