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    Why engage?

    Building loyalty that lasts. Better understanding of customers needs. The tool connecting users even better. Our customer engagement solution turns dreams into challenges that are easier to realize. Challenges that translate to measurable results.

    The engagement is built by actions. It gives wide possibilities of activating users, shares the knowledge, and encourages them to take appropriate actions.

    To every action there is always
    opposed an equal reaction Isaac Newton

    The simplest means the smartest

    We know it well. That is why our platform is the easiest of solutions for user engagement. Reach for our solution and appreciate the first Engagement Automation Platform for app developers and enterprises.

    Tailored to your needs

    True engagement. Intuitiveness. Easy to use and implement. Adaptation without boundaries. We are convinced that our solution is the best tool to let go of the emotions, rivalry, and to build true relationships with users.

    Our Engagement Database is automated, fully customizable, and reactive in real time.

    You have our full support

    • SDK

      Software Development Kit, or rather a developer’s must-have. You are provided with developers’ tools which are necessary when creating apps using particular libraries – JAVA, Java Script, SCALA, iOS, Android, and .NET.

    • RESTful API

      Being RESTful, our API is resource-based. Resources are identified by URIs – persistent uniform resource identifiers. REST utilizes HTTP requests to manipulate the resources; by means of GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE the client can retrieve, create, update, and remove them.

    • ...and community

      A developer in need is a developer indeed. Exchange information with other fantastic users. We support the development of the best developers communities using IsaaCloud to move engagement onto an extraterrestrial level.

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