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    We are passionate

    We are passionate about embedding engagement into the universe. Our mission is grounded in the core values of Innovation, Openness, Teamwork and Trust. We believe that our unique approach to the design and execution of engagement strategies can revolutionize the world.

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    Our story

    Our journey began in the summer of 2013. We had an idea. A big one. We wanted to make it happen. After 22 320 hours of working, 6 510 coffees, 201 pizzas, and 149 012 lines of code there it was. IsaaCloud. Shiny, bright and innovative. In 2014 we decided to make a big step Рstart. Today, you can enjoy IsaaCloud Рsimple and unique Engagement Automation platform!

    • 57 liters of coffee daily keep the engine running!
    • 10 mln lines of code written... and it's not the end!
    • 100% knows why Java developers wear glasses
    • 201 times of saying YES to pizza
    • 2 mln airline miles made to meet u guys!
    • 100 ideas per minute
    • 17 kg of markers to doodle during meetings
    • 365 high-fives to boost up productivity
    • 89 brainstorms that we have survived